Hardware + Quick Macro

How to use Quick Macro

  • Quick Macro is supporting only Hardware macro, not custom one.

  1. Press QM(Quick Macro) key + Macro key you want(KEY_MAC1~12) and release all keys, then you will see the flash on caps lock LED 2 times.

  2. Enter the key combination you want, and press QM Key. If you see caps lock LED flash 1 time, saving is completed.

  3. On pressing Macro key(KEY_MAC1~12), you can see the output of key combination.

How to use hardware macro

  • Registering macro

Press left ctrl + alt + shift and right shift(total 4 keys) for 5 seconds, then you will see the message



select mode

1:key mapping


2:lazy fn : on

3:fn2/3 led : off

4:esc to ~ : off


9:boot mapper


  • If you press 1, then you’ll go to the stage of keymapping

  • If 2, you can register macro and you’ll see the message below.


1:Select Macro Index

2:Clear Macro



9:Clear All


if you select 1, you can see

input macro index (01~12, cancel: 00, must 2 numbers) :

You should input the number from 01 to 12. If you enter “00”, it cancels.

If you enter a proper number, a message apprear.

input key (max 24 keys, stop : press ESC during 1 sec)

After inputing 24 keys, automatically it ends. Or pressing key “Esc” for more than 1 seconds, it ends .

If you select 2, it provides some line to delete a macro.

select index (01~12, cancel: 00) : 

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